GitHub Actions - Rerun Failed Workflow Runs

Posted by Misagh Moayyed on May 22, 2024 · 7 mins read ·
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If your project is using GitHub Actions for its continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, it is likely that your build jobs will fail from time to time. Fear not, as GitHub Actions allows you to re-run failed jobs in a workflow resulting in a new workflow run that will start for all failed jobs and their dependents. You can certainly do so in your web browser using the GitHub Actions UI, but there are faster ways of doing this.

GitHub CLI

As documented by GitHub, one can use the Github CLI and use the run rerun subcommand with the --failed flag. You will need to find the ID of the run for which you want to re-run failed jobs. If you don’t specify an ID, GitHub CLI returns an interactive menu for you to choose a recent failed run.

gh run rerun $RUN_ID --failed

This works but it’s slightly tedious to find the ID. Can we find that automatically?

Bash Function

The following script attempts to find the latest failed job triggered off of the master branch of a GitHub repository. It then tries to find the workflow run identifiers of the failed runs, and then invokes the same command as above to rerun the jobs:

function ghrfj() {

  sha=`gh api "/repos/$repo/branches/$branch" | jq -r '.commit.sha'`
  echo "Latest master commit SHA is $sha for repository: $repo"

  json_data=`gh api "repos/$repo/actions/runs?status=failure&per_page=1&page=1&branch=$branch&head_sha=$sha"`
  fid=$(echo "$json_data" | jq --arg wf "$workflow" -r '.workflow_runs[] | select(.name == $wf) | .id' )
  if [ -n "$fid" ]; then
     echo "Rerunning failed workflow run with id $fid"
     gh run rerun $fid --failed
    echo "$workflow: Passing!"

For example, assuming your repository has a single Build workflow and to rerun the failed jobs in this workflow you can run:

# ghrfj: GitHub Run Failed Jobs
ghrfj org/repository master Build

Of course, replace org/repository with your own.

Rerun Workflows

The above approach is certainly a step forward and with small customizations, you can make it a lot more flexible. However, things tend to get slightly complicated when:

  • Your repository has multiple workflows
  • …and multiple workflow runs fail

You’ll need to tweak the filtering logic above to find the right workflow runs and IDs. And what’s more, you’ll have to realize/monitor that a workflow has failed and then invoke the above function manually. That is tedious. Can we automate this process entirely?

One possible solution would be to define a GitHub Action’s workflow whose sole responsibility would be to find failed workflow runs and rerun those. This workflow only needs to run when certain designated workflows have been completed and failed. So it might be something like this:

name: Rerun Workflows
  GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }} 
      - Build # Replace with your workflow(s)
      - completed
      - master # Replace with your branch
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    if: ${{ github.event.workflow_run.conclusion == 'failure' }} 
      - name: Rerunning ${{ }}
        run: |
          echo "Workflow run ID: ${{ }}"
          # Rerun stuff here...

The is the id of the workflow that in fact has failed, i.e. Build.

Finally, when you rerun the workflow you need to make sure the logic accounts for endless loops. The Build workflow can continue to fail and run again endlessly if you’re not keeping tabs on the number of retry attempts. Your rerun logic might want to consider the current attempt count via github.event.workflow_run.run_attempt and only rerun the job if that number is below a certain threshold.

Need Help?

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Happy Coding,

Misagh Moayyed