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Spring Cloud GCP - Working w/ Google Cloud Firestore & PubSub Emulators

An overview of how to configure your Spring application on Google Cloud, and test it locally using dockerized emulators for Google Cloud Firestore as well as PubSub.

Shibboleth Identity Provider - SAML Proxy Authentication w/ SameSite Cookies

Discussion of SameSite cookie sporadic failures with the Shibboleth Identity Provider and its support for SAML login flow allowing one to use a separate SAML 2.0 Identity Provider to authenticate a subject.

Apereo CAS - Controlling SameSite Cookies

Learn how to generate the Same-Site attribute for the CAS single sign-on cookie dynamically via Groovy or Java to accommodate older browsers and other conditions, etc.

Hazelcast Query API & Attribute Value Extraction

Learn how to extend the Hazelcast Query API with custom attributes that may be referenced in predicates, queries, and indexes.

Bitnami Redis Docker Images w/ RediSearch

Learn how to slightly modify the Bitnami Redis Docker images to load and enable additional Redis modules such as RediSearch, JSON, etc.

Apereo CAS - Attribute Release via Apache Groovy

Learn how to release and share attributes with client applications and relying parties by scripting the release logic using Apache Groovy.

Running Oracle Databases via Docker on MacOS ARM-based Sillicon

Learn how to run the Oracle databases on macOS ARM-based machines via Docker.

Apereo CAS - WAR Overlay Overrides

Learn how to override and overwrite configuration files and even source code artifacts provided by the CAS distribution in your deployment for maximum flexibility and customizability.

Apereo CAS - Duo Security MFA Universal Prompt

Learn how to use Duo Security's new Universal Prompt option for multifactor authentication with Apereo CAS and enjoy an iFrame-less world.

Apereo CAS - Mapping Authentication Contexts

Learn how to translate and map requested authentication contexts from one protocol to another, and route the final flow to multifactor authentication if necessary.

Shibboleth Identity Provider - Docker Deployments on Apple Silicon & ARM

Learn how to run the Shibboleth Identity Provider on macOS ARM-based machines and connect it to an external Apereo CAS identity provider for authentication and single sign-on.

Apereo CAS - Azure Active Directory Authentication

Learn about available integration strategies that allow Apereo CAS to use Azure Active Directory as an authentication and attribute source.

Apereo CAS - Redis All The Things

Learn about available integrations strategies that allow Apereo CAS to use Redis behind the scenes to manage application registration records, tokens, consent decisions, terms of use policies, etc.

Apereo CAS - Delegated Authentication Profile Selection

Learn how to link a user profile from an external identity provider in delegated authentication flows, allowing the user to select the final profile from a list of candidates found in LDAP directories of your choice.

Apereo CAS - Integrations with Apache Syncope

Learn about available strategies that allow one to set up an integration between Apache Syncope and Apereo CAS.

Apereo CAS - MFA Enrollment w/ Duo Security

Handle multifactor user enrollment with Duo Security with your registration application and provide a seamless login experience with Apereo CAS.

Apereo CAS - SSO Session Management

Learn how to control and manage single sign-on sessions in Apereo CAS and tune session timeouts for the betterment of all mankind.

Apereo CAS - Delegated Authentication with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Learn how to use Microsoft Azure Active Directory as an external OpenID Connect identity provider and connect it to CAS for a delegated/proxy authentication scenario.

Apereo CAS - Grouper Integrations

Fetch user groups from Internet2's Grouper and collect their CAS attributes for application access enforcement and better healthcare.

Software Upgrade Failures; Pitfalls to Recognize & Avoid

A somewhat non-biased and personal take on why software projects typically end up at risk of failure, with particular attention on those that attempt upgrades in the world of open-source identity and access management.

Apereo CAS - QR Code Authentication

Allow client applications and mobile devices to scan a QR code, generated by the Apereo CAS server, and subsequently login.

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