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Apereo CAS - Bypass Multifactor Authentication

Learn how to skip and bypass multifactor authentication flows using authentication and/or subject data and a variety of other conditions.

Apereo CAS - Getting Groovy with Spring Webflow

Learn how to customize and tune various aspects of the CAS authentication flow using Groovy.

Apereo CAS - Configuration Security with Jasypt

Learn how to secure CAS configuration settings and properties with Jasypt.

Apereo CAS - SAML2 Delegated Authentication Flows w/ Refeds MFA

An overview of the external SAML2 identity selection and discovery strategy in Apereo CAS while taking into requested authentication contexts, specifically for Refeds MFA.

Shibboleth IdP - SAML2 Authentication Flows w/ Refeds MFA

An overview of the external SAML2 identity selection and discovery strategy in the Shibboleth Identity Provider while taking into requested authentication contexts, specifically for Refeds MFA.

Apereo CAS - OpenID Connect Issuers & Aliases

Learn how to tune your Apereo CAS deployment as an OpenID Connect provider to respond to authentication requests from multiple hosts with different issuer patterns and aliases.

Apereo CAS - Keeping Configuration Fresh w/ @RefreshScope

Learn how to reload Spring application context on configuration changes and how to combine refresh requests with @ConditionalOn annotations.

Apereo CAS - Multifactor Authentication Failure Modes

Learn how to manage failure scenarios when multifactor authentication providers become unavailable or unresponsive.

Apereo CAS - Keeping Healthy with Spring Boot

Learn how you may keep your Apereo CAS deployment healthy, monitoring its status using Spring Boot actuator endpoints and health indicators.

Apereo CAS 6.5.x Deployment - WAR Overlays

Learn how to configure and build your own CAS deployment via the WAR overlay method, get rich quickly, stay healthy indefinitely and respect family and friends in a few very easy steps.

Apereo CAS - OpenID Connect Load Testing w/ Apache JMeter & Eclipse Jifa

Learn how to take advantage of Apache JMeter and test scripts provided by Apereo CAS to run stress tests against your deployment, get a heap dump and analyze results in Eclipse Jifa.

Apereo CAS - Controlling Configuration w/ Feature Toggles

Learn how to turn on or disable CAS feature modules and auto-configuration components.

Apereo CAS - Actuator Endpoints with HAL Explorer

Gain insight into your running Apereo CAS actuator endpoints using the HAL Explorer and interact with APIs directly in the browser to learn what is available and possible.

Apereo CAS - Actuator Endpoints & Monitoring

Gain insight into your running Apereo CAS deployment in production. Learn how to monitor and manage the server by using HTTP endpoints and gather metrics to diagnose issues and improve performance.

Apereo CAS - Simple Multifactor Authentication

Learn to configure Apereo CAS to act as a simple multifactor provider itself.

Apereo CAS Delegated Authentication with ADFS

Learn how your Apereo CAS deployment may be configured to delegate authentication to Microsoft ADFS.

Apereo CAS - Docker Infrastructure Deployment w/ Terraform

Deploy and manage an Apereo CAS Docker container using Terraform, HashiCorp's Infrastructure as Code tool.

Apereo CAS - Managing Configuration w/ Spring Cloud & Kubernetes

Playing around with Kubernetes, Minikube, and friends to show how Apereo CAS might be deployed in a containerized and orchestrated fashion inside a Kubernetes cluster, and using Spring Cloud features such as Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets.

Apereo CAS - CAPTCHA Activation Strategies

Configure Apereo CAS to integrate with CAPTCHA using implementations such as Google's reCAPTCHA, while taking into account specific application policies when it comes to activating reCAPTCHA.

Apereo CAS - OpenID Connect Key Rotation & Revocation

Learn how to configure schedules and strategies to handle key rollover, rotation, and revocation for keys used by OpenID Connect's keystore.

Apereo CAS - Delegated Authentication & Groovy Attribute Extraction

Learn how to delegate and hand off authentication to an external OAuth20-capable identity provider, and script the extraction of attributes from the identity provider response using Groovy.

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