Hi, I'm Misagh

I'm Misagh Moayyed (میثاقْ مؤيِّدْ); a software engineer and independent consultant.

My primary focus is on analysis, specification and development of open-source software solutions in the field of identity and access management (IAM), and I specialize in dealing with identity management, federated authentication, provisioning, access management, single sign-on, application integrations and authentication protocols, authorization strategies, etc.

These days, in addition to other side adventures I work as a Software Architect at Tirasa and continue to serve as the Apereo CAS project's chairman and technical lead. For a complete resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

I have been working as a software engineer since 2002, got involved with open-source in 2008 and work as an active open-source contributor and frequent committer to quite a few open-source IAM solutions, some of which are listed below:

I am an avid blogger and frequently publish posts on the Fawnoos Blog about interesting technologies, client projects, open-source developments, etc. You will find a brief list of topics and themes below:


Presentaion slides can be found here.

Apereo CAS Project Overview

Apereo CAS overview prepared for Open Apereo 2020 Virtual Conference.

Best Practices with Git & GitHub

Matthew Bucket (University of Oxford and Sakai PMC) and Misagh Moayyed (CAS PMC) discuss best practice with Git and Github.

Apereo CAS Project Overview

Misagh Moayyed (CAS PMC) presents an overview of the CAS project status and activity.

CAS and PeopleSoft Integration

Misagh Moayyed (CAS PMC) describes how to CASify PeopleSoft.

Apereo CAS Project Status

Misagh Moayyed (CAS PMC) presents an overview of the CAS project status and activity.

To CAS 3 and Beyond: CAS Upgrade Story

This session presents an evaluation of a CAS v2 environment and how various functional, technical and user-interface requirements are implemented in the new CAS 3 installation.

2FA with CAS: A tale of two factors

This session will describe the latest extensions developed to enable multifactor authentication with CAS v3.

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